About Us

Lehigh Valley Hardscaping is a locally owned, small business. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and open lines of communication throughout the entire project. The company owner is present on site throughout every job and our only priority while at your property is your job. We do not manage multiple jobs at once, just yours. We are not one of these off the shelf “large guys” who’s owner or sales staff magically disappears after the contract is signed, leaving you with no one to answer questions or concerns throughout the construction process.

You wouldn’t let a plumber work on your electrical, so why would you let a landscape company do your patio?

Focusing all of our knowledge on one specific area has allowed us to learn more about the industry than the average landscaping company. This knowledge is very important when having your project installed because it allows us to know predict all troubling situations and avoid them. Doing only hardscaping has allowed us to become very efficient, which leads to a more cost effective solution for your project’s specific needs.

All failures in hardscaping can be avoided through proper selection of the contractor. When a customer calls us, the call usually starts out along these lines, “I hired a landscaper to install my patio, and now it’s uneven, pavers have shifted, and weeds are growing all over.” The main issue here, aside from installation errors, was allowing a general maintenance company to perform a hardscape project. Improper knowledge, combined with lack of experience, leads to quick deterioration. The real test of a company’s work is how it looks 3, 4, or even 10 years later.

Upon completion of your project, we work hand in hand with industry professionals for turf repair, landscaping and any other needs you may have.


ICPI Certified Installer (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute) Lehigh Valley Hardscaping had to provide 3 years worth of work, over 10,000 square feet of patio installs and references before being able to achieve certified installer status.

NCMA SRW Certified Installer (National Concrete and Masonry Assosciation Segmental Retaining Walls) Lehigh Valley Hardscaping had to provide examples, samples of work and references for engineered walls, free standing walls and raised patios.

Belgard Authorized Contractor Lehigh Valley Hardscaping had a personal interview with the Belgard staff, upon which they were taken to multiple jobs for scrutiny and examination. Belgard Authorized contractor is very hard to attain and Lehigh Valley Hardscaping passed with flying colors. Belgard requires that all/any contractor have up to date insurances as well as coverage requirements, thus giving any homeowner piece of mind.

Techo-Bloc Pro Contractor Similar to the Belgard process, an individual interview with a Techo representative and also jobsite inspection process had to take place before becoming a Techo Pro Installer. Techo Bloc requires that all/any contractor have up to date insurances as well as specific coverage requirements, thus giving any homeowner piece of mind.